„ADS geometrical” is an architectural design studio, established in year 2006. The main spheres of activity are: building architectural design projects, interior design projects and construction management.

Our company has gathered experience in different project development phases all through its existence. Architectural design and supervision of single family houses, multi storey houses and industrial buildings, as well as interior design solutions and industrially prefabricated building component design create the main scope of our company. Also monitoring of building technical conditions, construction management and building supervision are in company’s competence.

Our company has experience also large-scale project development, so collaboration with local and international partners is a part of many project designing and implementation. The project team can vary from our regular employees to contracted architecture drawing offices, international engineering companies and individual constructing architects.

The managing director of the company is Andrejs Staris, a constructing architect and sustainable building designer (education- studied in Latvia, Denmark), participated in many public building proposal projects in Latvia, Denmark and China.

The advancement of the company is aimed towards:

- sustainable building engineering and design, architectural design and project supervision

- industrial design and modular building component design

The main focus of the company is put on the development of the architectural, building engineering and detail design in order to deliver well functioning, sustainable and long-lasting products for their end users. Sustainability has to be studied and explained more, in order to make it more accessible and understandable to people.