Proposal for Carnikava market square area. Project authors: “ADS GEOMETRICAL”; co-op Asen Chumov, Juris Kostirko

Project was created as a proposal for Carnikava market square area. Plot is located in Kalmju street 2, Carnikava, Carnikava region, Latvia. Total plot area is 4524 m2.
Plot organization – plot is divided in three main areas: market area, public area and active (sport) area. All three areas are connected between each other with main traffic road, which organizes plot and traffic in it. As wind, sound and dust barriers and for plot traffic organization are used artificial green islands.
Visual look – all market area is divided in five separated but at the same time connected blocks with different usage. Shape of market sheds are inspired from sea theme – waves, boats and sails. For decorative parapet are used polycarbonate plates, which are made of recycled plastic bottles and bags. All market shed construction is made from wooden prefabricated modular elements to make construction cheaper and faster to build.

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